Participate in large scale fishing events!🐟

Participate in large scale fishing events!🐟

Feb 02, 2024KajiiAiri


I am Airi from JDM Tackle Haven.

New Year's Day has flown by in Japan, and the season of Setsubun and Valentine's Day has arrived!

Setsubun is a traditional Japanese seasonal event held to celebrate the coming of spring and to call out the evil spirits.
It is an event where beans are thrown at people wearing an ogre's mask!

Do you have a similar event in your country?

Please let us know.

Now, all of you who love fishing must be excited about this time of the year!
Because a big fishing event is coming up.

2024/1/19  Fishing Festival 2024 in YOKOHAMA 
2024/2/2    Fishing Show OSAKA 2024

This is a super fun event where you can see new products from various manufacturers and participate in exhibitors' projects such as fly demos and casting live shows!

In order to introduce fishing to children, women, and beginners, and to have fun
Each company is sending out various information for this event!

We, the staff, would like to participate in this event and send out a report at a later date!

I'm curious about that new product among our customers....
I wonder what kind of products my favorite manufacturer is offering....

If you have any requests, please contact us through this chat;)


Ask a question in chat💬

Our staff will participate, gather information on new products and manufacturers, and try to answer as much as possible!

Please look forward to it.



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