Shopping Process

1. Before you start shopping, ensure that you have logged in or registered an account with JDM Tackle heaven. Click the item you would like to purchase.

2. Select the model and the quantity, then click “Add to cart”.

3. The items will be shown in the shopping cart. Recheck if you have placed the right order.

4. View your shopping cart, and confirm the ship-to country and region then choose the shipping option.
*It is an estimation and you need to choose your shipping method later stage.

5.You can see the total amount including shipping.
*If you have a problem please check this page
If you still have a problem, please feel free to contact us. 

6.Click “Check Out”. Then you will be asked to edit your shipping details.

7. On the next page, select the delivery method. The delivery fee will be calculated.

8. Select the payment method. PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay or standard payments with credit cards.

9. Submit your order by simply click “Pay Now”. Order submitted! 

10-12. We check the availability of ordered items and your shipping option. 
We secure the items then capture the payment. Your payment status turns into "Paid" now. Please note that there is a possibility of stock-out because we sell our items at multiple shops including our physical shops, and our inventory data is not updated in real time. In the case of stock-out or there is something to confirm with you before order processing, we'll contact you by email. If you have domain filters in place on your email client, make sure that you allow emails from the domain "". 

13. Once everything is clear, we'll move your items from your shop to our international shipping office. It usually takes 1-5 business days but sometimes takes more if we need to stock them from suppliers. 
14. We check the item condition and functions before we pack them. We ship your order 4-5 business days. Our business is closed every weekend, public holiday in Japan and in-house training day. You can find latest business hour information on our blog
15. You receive a tracking number when the order is ready to be shipped. If the order status is "fulfilled" but you have never received your tracking number, please contact us. 
16. In some countries, you receive a bill for the import duties/customs from the courier. Those taxes are not included in our item price and shipping. You may  receive your order after you pay the duties or they will send you a letter after you receive the order. 
Open the package is one of the exciting time. Please calm down and open gently. 

After sales services
If you have any questions about order process, you can contact us through online customer service, or send an email to Thank you.

Refund Policy