Heaven's Points

JDM Tackle Heaven is committed to offer all our special members around the world an exceptional place to obtain fine Japanese tackles, and it’s our great honor and pleasure to invite you to join our Heaven's Points program to add to your wonderful shopping experience. 

Earn rewards every time you shop by becoming a member.
You can earn 100 Heaven’s points for every 100JPY you spend in the store.
For example, 
You ordered:
Rod: 20,000JPY
Reel: 20,000JPY
Subtotal: 40,000JPY You earn 40,000 Heaven's Points
Shipping: 3,000JPY
Total amount: 43,000JPY

100 Heaven’s Points can be used to get a 1JPY worth of discount coupon. 
Ex. 40,000 Heaven's Points = 400JPY
Redeem your points for discount coupon code that you can use for the future order. 
You can use the discount coupon by putting the coupon code in when you check out.

Various ways to earn rewards:

Like on Facebook, follow on Instagram, Follow on Twitter:
You earn 25000 Heaven's Points.

You earn 25000 Heaven's Points.

Celebrate a birthday:
You earn 50000 Heaven's Points.



You can earn rewards in a variety of ways:

Heaven's Points are valid for one year from the date of your last purchase.