What is Pre-Order?

 There are two types of pre-order. 

A) "Pre-order (item name)"

"Pre-order (item name)" indicates that the item is currently not in our stock.
If you place an order, we will make a back-order to our suppliers or the manufacturers. 
It takes more time than processing with a regular order so please allow us a few extra days. 
If we are not able to secure the ordered item for you or it takes long time to ship, we will contact you. 
In that case, you will have the option to ship your order at the next production run, order another item, or cancel your order. 
Once we place a back-order, your payment status become "Paid". 
If you cancel the order when the status is "Paid", you will be charged a refund fee. 

B) "Pre-order (item name) coming in (month)"

"Pre-order (item name) coming in (month)" indicates a new item to be available in the near future. 
We gather information from manufacturers and suppliers to create this pre-order page. 
It is difficult for us to give you an exact release date, but we will ship products to you as soon as possible after they are available. 
Please note that the release and delivery of the product may be delayed due to production delays by the manufacturer. 
In addition, if the number of pre-orders exceeds the expected number of items in stock, we may ship the product at the next production run. 
If you cancel your order, a refund fee may be charged. 

FAQ about Pre-Order 

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