👤 Job duties:  Big Boss

🔍 Wish list:  Apple Vision Pro(Sorry, not fishing gear...orz

🌟 Favorite Brand:  Megabass(Wearing Megabass apparels everyday!

🎣 Fishing I'd Like to Try:  South America Dorado Fishing

🍴 Favorite fish dish:  Shime-saba/Vinegared Mackerel

✈️ Country I would like to visit:  Iceland(Onseeeen!

🇯🇵 Recommended Places in Japan:  Kusatsu Onsen, Gunma



Wherever there is water in the world, there are fish. Where there are fish, there are anglers.

Fishing is not just a personal hobby, it is the most exciting activity that connects people all over the world.

We learn about the world through our customers all over the world. Our customers around the world learn about Japan through fishing.

Children learn about nature through their senses, imagine a bright future, and create a new world.

No fishing No life...

We all anglers create a new world that transcends national borders and time