Refund, Cancel, and Return -update-

Customer Satisfaction:
We are committed to providing the best customer service available. 
We honor all terms and conditions mentioned on our website and strive to ensure your shopping experience will be trouble-free and enjoyable. 
If for any reason you are not satisfied with the condition of your purchase, we will do everything in our power to resolve the situation in a timely and positive manner. 

Refund Fee:
For orders that are canceled or returned due to buyer circumstances, and refunds and changes are made after 6 hours of the order, the buyer will pay 5% of the refund amount as a refund fee.
That's why PayPal and other payment providers don't return the settlement fee to us when we refund the money to you.
Learn about => When the amount is refunded

Restocking Fee:
If an order is returned for cancellation or modification after six(6) hours from the date of order and due to Buyer's circumstances, Buyer shall pay fifteen percent (15%) of the merchandise price as a restocking fee.
And we do not refund any shipping charges once the items are shipped out from our international shipping office. 
The buyer is also responsible for all cost sending the item back. 

Cancellation of Pre-Order:
Cancellation of an item after it has been reserved with the manufacturer will incur a fee.If the item is not in stock, the buyer will only pay a refund fee.
For refunds after 120 days after payment has been completed, the system will not allow cash refunds.
Please choose to refund with Heaven's Point or with a discount coupon.

Refund amount in your currency
We processes all orders in Japanese Yen.
You may receive the different amount in your currency from the one when you paid because currency exchange rate changes. 

We appreciate your understanding.

Return Policy:
We do not accept returns, exchanges for customers' circumstances.
In case of damage or loss, the actual damage cost will be COMPENSATED within the amount shipping insurance can cover.
If you choose Airmail with no insurance no tracking, you CAN NOT receive any compensation.

Return Conditions
1) For "Brand new" condition items: They must be in new condition. Returns on damaged or scratched merchandise WILL NOT be accepted.
2) All product packaging (boxes, manuals, etc.) and certificates of authenticity must be returned with the item. Any items returned without original documentation will be rejected. DO NOT deface original cartons or packaging in any manner. We will not accept a return if the packaging is not in its original condition.
3) Returns are permitted within 14 DAYS from the date of receipt of goods. All Shipping, Handling, and Insurance charges are NOT REFUNDABLE.
***Even if we offer free shipping for the item, we refund the balance after deducting the postage for the ORIGINAL SHIPPING/HANDLING charge. 
4) Shipping and handling charges for returning items will be borne by the buyer.
5) Insure the shipment for the value of the merchandise and ship your return with a signature shipping service.

Cancel and Return Condition for our "SNIPE" service
"SNIPE" is the service that we make orders on/in shops in Japan instead of you. So you CAN NEVER cancel and return any items once you pay our invoice.

However, you can cancel ONLY in the case...
1)The item has been sold just before we make orders.
2)We found some BIG DIFFERENCE in the item condition in our inspection when we receive.

Please feel free to contact us before your ordering if you have a question. 


 When there is a problem with the product you received

When you receive the product, please check for any scratches or damage.
Learn about => Exchanges and Shipping Costs

[Damage during use]
Any damage or defects found during actual use are the responsibility of the customer and the item will not be replaced or refunded. We strongly encourage you to check the condition of your items in detail upon arrival before taking off the product tags.

[Manufacturer's warranty]
The manufacturer's warranty is a service that provides repair or replacement for a fixed repair fee if the product is used in Japan within the warranty period. If the product is damaged overseas, you must contact us. The warranty card is not shipped with the item, but kept by us.