SNIPE Service -update-

Our SNIPE Service has changed!

- Now you can earn Heaven’s Points, which can be used on your next purchase! 
- The ordering system has changed from PayPal invoices to our shop’s Special Order!

- Now you can choose from several payment methods. 
- Thanks to the new payment system, shipping will be smoother.
- We will send you a Special Order, with a unique order number assigned that you can use to check the status.


What is “SNIPE”?

SNIPE is a service where we purchase an item on your behalf and ship it to you.

You can use this service for:
- Used items
- Auction items
- Items we are unable to stock in our shop, but can be found elsewhere.

Once your order is confirmed, it cannot be cancelled or returned.
Please be aware.


【SNIPE Service Fees】

・SNIPE Fee:  
- Fishing tackles and reels: 500 JPY  
- Rods under 150cm: 1,500 JPY
- Rods over 150cm: 2,500 JPY

・Purchasing Fees:  
- 10% of the item price. 
- 10% of the local shipping fee.

Total charges you will need to pay:
・Item cost + 10% (original item price + purchasing fee)
・Local shipping fee + 10% (shipping cost to our warehouse + purchasing fee)
・SNIPE Fee (see above)
・International shipping cost (shipping cost from us to you)  

* We will send you the item via the cheapest courier, but if you have a preference, please let us know.
Other charges for payment and shipping if needed


How to “SNIPE”?

・Click "Start a  Chat" > “Snipe Request” 

Open Chat💬

(or bottom right of our site)

・Please read our SNIPE Policy.
・Please write down your name and other information required.
・We will confirm the item price and its availability. Then, we’ll send you a Special Order with the total estimated amount, including international shipping.
・If you agree, please proceed with your payment and place your order.
・Once we receive your order, we will purchase the items.
・We will collect your payment when we purchase your items.  
 * If the item is sold out, we will refund you.
・Once the shipping is ready, we will send your parcel and your tracking number.
・Just wait until your order arrives!


【SNIPE Request Example】
・You would like to purchase a reel on a Yahoo auction for 30,000JPY…  
- Item Cost: 30,000 JPY  
- Local Shipping: 500 JPY  
- Purchasing Fees (10%): 3,000 + 50 = 3,050 JPY  
- SNIPE Fee: 500 JPY  
- International Shipping: 4,100 JPY  
TOTAL: 38,150JPY


【No Cancellations Allowed】
"SNIPE" is a service where we place orders and make payments on your behalf. For this reason, once you confirm your order, it can not be cancelled or returned.

However, the order will be cancelled if:
① The item has been sold just before we are able to place the order.
② We find a big difference in the item’s condition during our inspection when we receive it.

** Our office is closed during weekends and Japan public holidays. 
Most auctions end over the weekend. 
Your request must be sent 3 business days previous to the auction closing date. 
We need a few days to make an estimate and ask for you confirmation.