Discover Lake Biwa: A Premier Fishing Spot in Japan

Discover Lake Biwa: A Premier Fishing Spot in Japan

Apr 22, 2024Ren Narita

What is Lake Biwa?

Lake Biwa is Japan's largest lake, located in Shiga Prefecture. It's renowned as one of the premier fishing destinations in the country. Covering approximately 670 square kilometres, Lake Biwa is a vast freshwater lake teeming with diverse fish species. Anglers from around the world dream of visiting this iconic fishing spot, nestled amidst stunning natural landscapes and tranquil waters. If you're a fishing enthusiast, Lake Biwa is a place you'll definitely want to experience at least once in your lifetime.


Fish You Can Catch in Lake Biwa

Black bass, Carp, Bluegill, Trout, Catfish, Others. etc.

Seasonal Fishing at Lake Biwa:

Fish behaviour changes with the seasons, and so do fishing techniques. Exploring Lake Biwa's unique fishing opportunities throughout the year—spring, summer, fall, and winter—could offer anglers insightful tips on how to maximise their catches.
Each season offers different challenges and opportunities, making a specialised guide for each one a valuable resource for fishermen of all levels.


Fishing Techniques: Fish from shore vs Boat at Lake Biwa

Given Lake Biwa's vast size, fishing strategies can vary significantly depending on whether you're fishing from the shore or a boat.

  • Shore 
    Shore fishing often requires longer rods that can cast lures far into the lake, helping you reach distant fish from a fixed position.

  • Boat
    In contrast, boat fishing allows for shorter rods, which are easier to maneuver in tight spaces and ideal for quickly changing fishing spots without the need for extensive casting.


Here are our recommended fishing gear for Lake Biwa!

Catch of the week: Fishing for Lake-Biwako

Shiga Prefecture | 滋賀県

Kinki Area

It is a beautiful place located in central Japan. It is home to Lake Biwa, the largest freshwater lake in Japan, and is characterized by clear water and beautiful scenery. Shiga Prefecture is also rich in historical buildings and cultural heritage, with Hikone Castle and Ikaho Shrine being particularly popular tourist attractions. There are also lakeside towns and hot spring resorts, ideal for relaxing or staying active.

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  • One of my True Dreams is to going Largemouth Bass fishing in Japan. Some of the world’s greatest fishing tackle in tactics . One day


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