After-sales service

[At delivery]
In the unlikely event that the delivered product is damaged, please take photos and contact us within 7days of receipt of the product. Even if you were busy, we strongly recommend that you open the package immediately upon arrival to check the condition of the ordered item. 
We will contact the shipping courier and arrange for compensation.
Please take the following pictures
*Photos of the PVC tube/box from various angles
*Enlarged photos of the damaged area of the PVC tube/box
*Photos of the packing material showing whether it is damaged or not
*Photos of all the items that were in the package
*Enlarged photo of the damaged part of the item
We will submit those photos to the courier as a proof. 

[During fishing/testing]
Please contact us as soon as possible. We may ask you photos or videos to see how the item is broken. If the manufacturer sells the replacement part, we will back-order for you. 

Please note: We take a warranty card from brand-new item and keep it in our office when the item is packed. If you would like to have it with item, please tell us in the "Special instructions for seller" field on the shopping cart page when you checkout.