Shopping Guide

These Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. By completing your order, you agree to all of the terms and conditions.

[Communication channel]
Please use the chat button in the lower right corner of the screen to contact us. Please note that we cannot accept inquiries by any other method.

After your inquiry form is submitted, we will respond you via email Also we will communicate with you if we need to confirm or ask you after your order. We are not responsible if you do not receive our e-mails due to your receiving settings or problems with your e-mail server.

[Order status and payment status]
Order status indicates whether the order has been shipped or not. "Unfulfilled" means the item is being prepared for shipment, while "Fulfilled" means the item has been shipped.

Payment Status indicates whether we have actually received money from your account. When you place an order, it is provisionally held and "Authorized", and when the items are secured, it is actually deducted from your account and "Paid".

[Cancellation and change of order]
If you cancel your order after the payment status has been set to "Paid", you will be charged a restocking fee and a refund fee. The restocking fee is 15% of the product price and the refund fee is 5% of the refund amount including shipping costs.

If you wish to exchange items in your order after the payment status has been set to "Paid", you will be charged a restocking fee. The restocking fee is 15% of the product price.

All payments and refunds will be made in Japanese yen. Therefore, you understand that differences between the amount paid and the amount refunded may appear due to fluctuations in foreign exchange.

[Change of shipping address/billing address]
You understand that in the event of a change of shipping address, you will reorder.

You understand that changing the billing address is not possible after the order has been placed and that a reorder is required.

[Shipping charge]
If there are restrictions on shipping by the carrier, the shipment may be changed to another shipping company. 

[Pre-order item]
Pre-order items are items that need to be back-ordered. We will inquire with the supplier about availability after you place an order. We will contact you if the ordered item takes a long time to be delivered. If you do not respond within the required time, your order will be automatically cancelled.

[Pre-order before new release]
Delivery dates for pre-order items before release may be delayed due to production delays by the manufacturer. If the number of orders exceeds the number of items scheduled to arrive, the product may be shipped at the next or subsequent production run. Items will be shipped in the order we receive the orders.

[Declared value on the invoice]
Any fraudulent declaration documents to the customs will be prosecuted. Therefore we declare the correct amount. The amount you pay us does not include customs duties and import taxes and you will be contacted separately by the courier or customs office after shipment. You are obligated to pay those taxes and answer any communication from them.

[Return item]
If you wish to return an item you have received, you must contact us within 7 days from the delivery date. You are responsible for the shipping costs to send it back to Japan. The restocking fee, refund fee, return shipping fee, the import duties and other tax will be deducted from the refund amount. Shipping charges for sending the item from Japan will not be refunded. Returned items will be inspected and we reserve the right to refuse refunds if any items are found to be missing or damaged.

[Damage during use]
Any damage or defects found during actual use are the responsibility of the customer and the item will not be replaced or refunded. We strongly encourage you to check the condition of your items in detail upon arrival before taking off the product tags.

[Manufacturer's warranty]
The manufacturer's warranty is a service that provides repair or replacement for a fixed repair fee if the product is used in Japan within the warranty period. If the product is damaged overseas, you must contact us. The warranty card is not shipped with the item, but kept by us.