Pre-order FAQ

What is pre-order? 
If an item in in pre-order status, the item is not in our stock. 
We will check an item availability with our supplier and inform you. 
You have some options such as "Keep the order", "Replace with other item" and "Cancel the order". 

What happens if you choose to keep the order?
If you choose this option, we place a back-order to our supplier and then we capture your payment.
You wait until the item is available again. 
In some cases, we wait for the next or further production. 
It is a good solution, if you are not in hurry but you really want to use it in the future. 

Please note if you change your mind and need to cancel your order later, you have to pay 5% of the total paid amount as a refund fee. 

For refunds after 120 days after payment has been completed, the system will not allow cash refunds.
Please choose to refund with Heaven's Point or with a discount coupon.

What item can you replace with? 
Basically, anything. 
Please let us know if you are interested in an used item as well.  
We may ask you an additional shipping charge if the item is bigger/longer than the original item. 
Excess amount will be refunded. 

Is there any fee for cancellation? 
If your payment has not been captured yet, there is no fee. 
If the payment is captured, 5% of the paid amount is charged you as a refund fee. 
If you tell us your cancellation request before the payment is captured, it is free of charge.