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Save 5% 18 Poison Adrena 1 PC Baitcasting

18 Poison Adrena 1 peice Baitcasting

Condition:Brand New 18 Poison Adrena 163L-BFS Bait Finesse System :Rod Length: 1.91mNumber of Pieces: 1Folded Length: 191.0cmRod Weight: 95gRod Power: LightAction/Taper: Ex.FastLure Weight: 4-12gLine Weight: Mono/FC 6-12lbGrip Length: 210mm 18...

From ¥33,345 ¥44,280
Save 10% STEEZ Casting

STEEZ Casting

Model Rod Length() Number of pieces Folded Length(cm) Rod Weight(g) Power Action Lure Weight(oz) Mono LineWeight(lb) FC LineWeight(lb) Carbon% 631LFB-LMLIGHTNING II 1.91 1 191 100 L F 1/16-7/16 5-14 4-12...

From ¥50,058 ¥74,952
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LIMITED MODEL LYCAON Traditional Art -KIJI/KAEDE(PHEASANT/MAPLE)-Condition:Brand New. Specifics: Rod length:6'1" Number of piece:1 Power:F1 Action/Taper:Regular Lure weight:1/32-1/8ozLine weight:3-8lb

¥36,000 ¥43,890
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Save 45% OROCHI X4 F2-68X4SII Scramble Tour

OROCHI X4 F2-68X4SII Scramble Tour

Condition:Bland new in bagSpecifics:Rod length:6'8"Number of piece:2Power:F2Lure weight:1/32-1/4ozLine weight:3-10lb  When you suddenly think about heading to the field, you straight away head there. There is increase in these scramble anglers...

¥19,067 ¥34,668
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Save 39% Destroyer TOMAHAWK GTA 2015 F3-63GTA

Destroyer TOMAHAWK GTA 2015 F3-63GTA

Condition:Brand new in bag Specifics:Rod length:6'3"Number of piece:1Power:F3Action/Taper:Regular Lure weight:1/4-1/2ozLine weight:8-16lb F3-63GTA is SPRIGGAN, crank bait, fermatas and VIBRATION-X like 1/4-1/2oz small-model widely corresponding to the first moving lure Medium...

¥28,400 ¥47,304
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Destroyer Carbon Head Model


From ¥39,420 ¥45,900
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Save 50% Steez STZ 6011UL/LXS-SMT FASTHAWK


Worldwide Shipping Free from Japan! Ultra Sensitive Finesse SpinningSMT[SUPER METAL TOP]  Rigs:Light Drop Shot,Wacky,No Sinker,Small Rubber Jigs,Jig Heads,Wacky Jig HeadsCondition:Brand New. Specifics:Rod length:6'1"/1.85cmNumber of piece:1Rod Weight:95gPower:Ultra LightLure weight:1/64-1/8ozLine weight:3-6lb

¥31,860 ¥63,720
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Save 1% Megabass Destroyer X7 SPINNING

Megabass Destroyer X7 SPINNING

DESTROYER X7 Old ModelsF3.1/2-610X7S SIMOOMRod length:6'10"Number of pieces:1Power: F3.1/2Action: FastLure weight:1/16-1/2ozLine weight:3-8lb

¥56,500 ¥57,240
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Save 37% Megabass Destroyer X7

Megabass Destroyer X7

DESTROYER X7 Old ModelsF6-68X7 Super RekkaiRod length:6'8"Number of piece:1Power:F6Action:Medium FastLure weight:3/8-1.1/2ozLine weight:12-25lbF5-75X7 EXTREME MISSIONRod length:7'5"Number of pieces:1 and gripPower: F5Action: FastLure weight:3/8-1ozLine weight:10-25lbF5ST-611X7 BEARINGDOWN TYPE-X Rod length:6'11"Number of pieces:1Power: F5Action: Ex.FastLure...

From ¥32,000 ¥54,896
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Save 18% Abu Garcia DECIDER DRS-61L-MGS spinning rod

Abu Garcia DECIDER DRS-61L-MGS spinning rod

Condition:Bland new in bag   Specifics:Rod length:6'1"Number of piece:1Power:Light Lure weight:1/32-1/4ozLine weight:2.5-5lb     Shipping:Medium Diameter Tube by FedEx

¥24,500 ¥30,240


This super long design maximizes the merits of the DIRECTZ series' guideless system. With distance games in rivers and big fields, the SSGS system displays an overwhelming long distance casting...

¥47,148 ¥58,935
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Save 50% Go Emotion 2 piece spinning model GES-602L

Go Emotion 2 piece spinning model GES-602L

Condition:Brand New. GES-632LRod Length: 6'0"Number of Pieces: 2Rod Power: LightAction/Taper: FastLure Weight: 1/16-1/4Line Weight: 4-8lb

¥5,940 ¥11,880
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15 Destroyer X7 F2-63X7 Super Criffhanger

Short distance bait finesse model.F2-63X7's moderate tapered blank design is ideal for entrants into the bait finesse field, with light and smooth cast feel, and pinpoint accuracy. Moderate taper is...

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Save 30% Destroyer Phase 3 F3-68X the Griffon

Destroyer Phase 3 F3-68X the Griffon

Condition:Brand New. Destroyer Phase 3 F3-68X the GriffonRod Length: 6'8"Number of Pieces: 1Rod Power: F3Action/Taper: Medium FastLure Weight: 3/16-5/8ozLine Weight: 6-14lb

¥34,783 ¥49,690
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Save 10% Kaleido Inspirare RS Limited

Kaleido Inspirare RS Limited

Condition:Brand New IRSC-66M Cobra RS Limited :Rod Length: 6'6"Number of Pieces: 1Rod Weight: 122gRod Power: MediumLure Weight: 1/4-3/4ozLine Weight: 8-16lb IRSC-69MH Stallion RS Limited :Rod Length: 6'9"Number of Pieces: 1Rod...

From ¥79,704 ¥92,880
Save 5% Destroyer T.S Casting Model

Destroyer T.S Casting Model

Condition:Brand New TS72X Poker :Rod Length: 7'2"Number of Pieces: 1Rod Weight: 186gRod Power: XAction/Taper: FastLure Weight: 1/2-3ozLine Weight: 12-30lb TS77X Casino :Rod Length: 7'7"Number of Pieces: 1 and gripFolded Length:...

From ¥53,352 ¥60,480
Save 15% World Shaula Tour Edition Casting Model

World Shaula Tour Edition Casting Model

Condition:Brand New World Shaula Tour Edition 1651F-4 :Rod Length: 1.98mNumber of Pieces: 4Folded Length: 54.0cmRod Weight: 130gRod Power: 1Action/Taper: FastLure Weight: 5-20gLine Weight: Mono 8-16lbJig Weight: 20-60g World Shaula Tour...

From ¥56,916 ¥73,440
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Save 71% Fenwick FVR ELETE ELT-CS66CMLJ Crank Shaft

Fenwick FVR ELETE ELT-CS66CMLJ Crank Shaft

Condition:New.Comes with a rod cover.Please see all photos for the details and ask us freely about the condition.Specifics:Rod length:6'6"Number of piece:1Rod weight:140g Action:Medium FastLure weight:3.5-10.5gLine weight:8-20lb

¥9,800 ¥34,020
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Save 5% 18 Lurenist

18 Lurenist

Condition:Brand New Lurenist 56UL :Rod Length: 1.68mNumber of Pieces: 2Folded Length: 88cmRod Weight: 96gRod Power: Ultra LightLure Weight: 1-6gLine Weight: Mono2-6lb Lurenist 60XUL :Rod Length: 1.83mNumber of Pieces: 2Folded Length:...

From ¥7,079 ¥10,584
Save 25% 17 Expride Over 8 Spinning Model

17 Expride Over 8 Spinning Model

Condition:Brand New 17 Expride 286ML-2 :Rod Length: 2.59mNumber of Pieces: 1 and gripFolded Length: 195.0cmRod Weight: 122gRod Power: Medium LightAction/Taper: FastLure Weight: 6-21lbLine Weight: Mono,FC 6-21lbGrip Length: 300mm

¥26,730 ¥35,640
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