Catch of the week: Welcome to the World of Japanese Native Trout


Welcome, Trout Lovers!

Are you ready to explore the amazing world of Japanese native trout? These fish are not just any trout; they're a special part of Japan's rivers and streams. Let's dive in!


Meet the Fish

Iwana & Yamame: Two cool fish you've got to know about!

  • Iwana: This one loves cold, clear water. It's got a sleek body and lives in the mountain streams.
  • Yamame: Yamame is like the cherry blossom of fish, with pretty marks that remind you of cherry petals. You'll find it zipping around in clean waters.


Recommended Spots in Japan

Shikotsu Lake

  • Location: Hokkaido
  • Features: Crystal-clear and cold water. Home to many Iwana and Yamame.
  • How to Enjoy: Relax on a boat and enjoy leisurely fishing on the lake.

Hida River

  • Location: Gifu Prefecture
  • Features: Surrounded by mountains, this beautiful river is famous for Iwana.
  • How to Enjoy: Fish from the shore or step into the river for some Tenkara fishing.

Iya River

  • Location: Tokushima Prefecture
  • Features: A clear stream set in lush nature, well-known for Yamame fishing.
  • How to Enjoy: Walk through nature and enjoy river fishing.

Fishing the Japanese Way

Ever heard of Tenkara? It's like fishing stripped back to the basics—just a rod, line, and fly. No reel! It's all about enjoying the moment and the river's flow. Perfect for those peaceful mountain streams.

Reference Video:
What is Tenkara Fishing?

Recommended Gear for Native Trout