Catch of the Week: Fishing at Lake Biwa

Embark on a Spring Fishing Adventure at Lake Biwa with Shallow Cranks!

With spring bringing warmth to Lake Biwa, it's an ideal time to go out on the water and enjoy some fishing in the shallows.
Let's focus on using shallow crankbaits and pair them with the dependable Evergreen Orion rods for a great fishing experience.

The Rods That Define Excellence

Our selection features the Evergreen Orion OCSC-68ML Fire Sword, a rod that combines precision and agility. It’s perfect for targeting spring bass, offering reliable performance every time
Discover the Fire Sword

Upgrade your fishing with the Evergreen Orion OCSC-68M Sky Sword, a rod that is well-balanced and strong. It's great for both new and experienced anglers making fishing easier and more enjoyable."
Explore the Sky Sword


Reels That Bring Precision to Life

Complement your rod with the Daiwa Steez A II TW reel, a masterpiece that blends innovative technology with the soul of traditional angling. Feel the action right at your fingertips with every cast and retrieve.
Experience the Daiwa Steez A II TW

Or choose the Shimano 24 Calcutta Conquest Shallow Edition reel, renowned for its robustness and precision casting. Designed to conquer the shallows, this reel turns your fishing dreams into reality.
Reel in with Shimano 24 Calcutta


The Lure of Success

At the core of our gear is the Evergreen Wild Hunch crankbait. This lure is designed to move just like real baitfish, making it irresistible to fish under the calm waters.
Hook the Evergreen Wild Hunch


Line That Binds Victory

To give you the best chance of success, we've selected Bass FC Lines that range from 10-20lb. The Toray Freedom FC Line, almost invisible underwater, helps you catch fish more effectively.
Secure Your Victory with Bass FC Lines


For more about Lake Biwa, check out this blog!

Discover Lake Biwa: A Premier Fishing Destination in Japan



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