Catch of the Week: Fishing Festival Report ~Evergreen New Native Trout Rod~

The "Artisan Competition" series of competition rods, which opens up a new era, has come to fruition here.

Many people visited this booth at the Fishing Festival.
The world view of native trout was expressed very nicely.
Four lineups are now on sale!
A new series will be released in the future.
The release date has not been decided yet, but we are looking forward to it.

Artisan Mountain Stream

Release date undecided
Length: 4'10" ■Lure Weight: 3-7g ■Line: MF3-6lb/PE0.4-1
This is not a soft rod that can be cast with ease, but a Yamagishi style bait model that has the tension to enable sharp casts and sharp maneuvering, and the power to hook firmly into the mouth of a large trout that has hardened into a mature fish, and twist it down in an instant.

Release date undecided
Length: 5'2" ■Lure Weight: 3.5-9g Line: MF4-6lb/PE0.4-1
The Yamagishi style standard spinning lure was created as a mainstay for the headwaters of the sato river and mountain valleys deep in the 7 to 8 meter width of the river, which Daisuke Yamagishi considers to be "mountain stream areas. This model is thoroughly focused on twitching operation with heavy sinking minnows as its main axis.

Release date undecided
Length: 5'10" ■Lure Weight: 3.5-9g ■Line: MF4-6lb/PE0.4-1
This model is the absolute partner for Daisuke Yamagishi's quintessential "big trout hunting," targeting nervous big trout in autumn with long distance fishing.


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