Catch of the week: Matt's Fishing Spot

This week, Matt shares his recent fishing adventure in Ishigaki Island, located in Okinawa Prefecture.



Ishigaki Island, the main island of the Yaeyama Islands, is located 400 km southwest of Okinawa’s main island (1 hour by plane from Naha Airport). It is the third largest island in Okinawa Prefecture, famous for its warm tropical climate and crystal-clear waters, attracting divers worldwide.


Matt’s Fishing Experience:

Matt visited Ishigaki Island last week for a business trip and had the chance to fish. Here’s his take on the experience:

  • In-reef wading: Light game by wading into the water.
  • In-reef boat casting: Casting from a boat within the reef.
  • Outer reef boat jigging: Boat jigging in the outer reef.

He had thrilling battles with groupers and trevallies, which he found incredibly exciting.

Matt's Recommended Fishing Guides in Ishigaki Island

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Recommended Gear for Fishing in Ishigaki Island:

Check out the recommended gear for an optimal fishing experience on Ishigaki Island!


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