Catch of the week: Summer! It's the ocean! It's offshore fishing!


My name is Airi from JDM Tackle Haven.

Well, in July, the temperature has been high every day in Japan.

It is getting hotter and hotter every year, and I want to dive into the sea right now.

As mentioned in the title, today I would like to introduce the offshore rods.

First of all, let me explain what offshore jigging is.

<What is offshore jigging?>

Offshore jigging is a style of fishing using a metal jig from a boat, not from the shore.
Since it is possible to go offshore, it is possible to use deep water.
In other words, you drop the lure right below the boat and aim for fish while moving the lure vertically.

<The Appeal of Offshore Jigging>
The appeal of offshore jigging is the high probability of catching fish and encountering big fish! The attraction of offshore jigging is that you have a high probability of catching fish and seeing big fish.

When jigging from land, you spend a whole day casting and walking around the beach until a school of fish comes back to the shore, and you are exhausted on the way back home.

However, in offshore fishing, the boatman will take you to where the fish are, so you don't have to walk around and wait patiently for the fish to come to you.

Also, there are a lot of big fish offshore that are hard to approach from land. It's like a dream, isn't it?

There are many species of fish that can be caught, such as yellowtail, Spanish mackerel, flatfish, snapper, and many other delicious fish!

And what we would like to recommend this time is the ""Shimano Ocea Jigger"" series.

It is an offshore brand that pursues unlimited possibilities, and many of you know it.
There is a reason why it has gained immense trust from experts.

The high manufacturing technology of Shimano, which creates products with numerous fishing achievements and memorabilia, advanced concepts and the latest designs.
Furthermore, along with the know-how that has been cultivated over the years, which cannot be achieved overnight, the instructors thoroughly train their staff under the harsh conditions of offshore game to achieve overwhelming reliability and high dimensional quality.

In the offshore game, where many serious anglers challenge big fish with all their might and allow no compromise, the demands placed on tackle are naturally of a high dimension. O'Shea has always responded to the high expectations of experts with product quality that far exceeds them.

However, the Ocea brand will never rest on its laurels. They will continue to be a true pioneer, pursuing innovation and progress as a brand that continues to lead the offshore fishing scene.
To remain the best choice for anglers who challenge themselves, the Ocea brand's challenge never ends.

Whether you already own this rod or not, get one and experience ultra exciting fishing!

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📝Characteristics of each📝

Ocea Jigger SLJ

The Ocea Jigger SLJ is designed to be especially easy to handle lightweight jigs.
Optimized for fishing at depths of approximately 50m, and can be used to target a variety of fish species, such as heron and bluefish.

Thin-diameter blanks: Smooth bending throughout the entire body for easy control of small jig movements.
Carbon monocoque grip: Lightweight and highly sensitive, for improved jerk nimbleness and response.
X-guide: Calculated angle and shape for trouble-free and smooth thread release

Ocea Jigger LJ

Unparalleled pre-tuning feel, providing a bouncing feel while controlling the movement of the jig.
The tapered shape makes this action possible.

Thin-diameter blanks: Smooth bends throughout the entire body, making it easy to control the movement of small jigs.
Carbon monocoque grip: Lightweight and highly sensitive, for improved jerk nimbleness and response.
X-guide: Calculated angle and shape for trouble-free and smooth thread release

Ocea Jigger Limited

Ocea Jigger Limited is the pinnacle of Shimano's technology and know-how, aiming for the new pinnacle of slow jigging rods. The new power model is especially designed for big fish and deep water, and offers both ultra-sensitivity and ultra-high output.

Carbon shell grip: Hollow structure, lightweight and rigid, transmits vibration efficiently. It allows anglers to directly feel the movement of fish and changes in currents.
High modulus and narrower blanks: The entire body bends like a bow, giving the jig a dynamic swimming action with full resilience.
Spiral X-Core and High Power X: The reduction in torsional rigidity and power loss caused by the narrower blanks are eliminated to maximize power output.

💡Tips for choosing a rod💡

The way to distinguish between bait and spinning rods introduced in this issue is as follows

If the part number begins with ""B"" it is a bait rod

If the part number starts with ""S"" it is a spinning rod.

Shimano can be distinguished by this notation.

Of course, if you have anything to know more, please ask our staff.


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