Catch of the Week: Fishing Show Report ~Fishing Line Special~

This week we will feature fishing line!

At the Fishing Show, we checked out the "VARIVAS" section at the request of a customer.
There was a list of various types of fishing lines and a panel that allowed us to see at a glance the different types of Bali Bass lines.

We also carry other quality fishing lines from Japanese brands!
There is a possibility that we may have a product in stock even if it is not on display. Please feel free to ask us to check our inventory upon request.

The choice of fishing line varies depending on the type of fishing and technique, doesn't it?
Today, we summarize the materials of fishing lines!
Please refer to it when considering the purchase of fishing line.


🌟 The four main materials of line

 ■ Nylon
A flexible, easy-to-use material with a wide range of applications. It is a material that does not easily become bent and is easy to handle when reeled in for casting. It can be used as a shock leader to absorb shocks due to its ability to stretch slightly. Although deterioration due to water absorption and ultraviolet rays has been considered a weak point, the development of manufacturing methods and coating technology has greatly improved the quality of fluorocarbon.
Fluoro carbon 
Suitable as a shock leader. Highly sensitive and resistant to abrasion. The material has excellent resistance to abrasion when in contact with obstacles and good sensitivity. This characteristic makes it also heavily used as a shock leader. The material's high specific gravity makes it effective for fishing methods in which traps and lures are submerged. The conventional fluorocarbon had a weakness in that it lacked suppleness, but this has been overcome through innovations in materials and manufacturing methods.
■ PE
Revolutionizes the fishing method with its overwhelming sensitivity and strength. The characteristics of PE, which hardly stretches even when strongly pulled, realize overwhelming sensitivity.
Its strength is also a feature, being 2.5 to 3 times stronger than nylon for the same number of lines. Therefore, it is possible to make the line thinner, which has revolutionized fishing methods in various fields. It is weak against abrasion, too supple, and requires some finesse in use.
■ Polyester
Polyester has excellent sensitivity and high specific gravity, and controls delicate games. Polyester is very strong and hard, and has lower elongation than nylon or fluorocarbon lines.
Due to the characteristics of this line, it is often used for the branch and the lashing line of poke traps. Recently, it is also used for fishing in areas such as azing and area fishing due to its high sensitivity and specific gravity, which is second only to fluorocarbon line. It does not absorb water and has better abrasion resistance than nylon.

Fishing line and other small tackle items may be shipped together with your order of reels and rods at no extra charge.

The shipping cost may be affected by area and order details, so please consult your Fishing Life Advisor if you want to save money. 💁‍♀️💬


We will continue to feature fishing lines in the future!
If you have any tips or particulars on how to choose fishing line, please let us know to Fishing Advisor so we can introduce them to you!


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