Catch of the Week: Fishing Show Report ~Deps Fishing Lure & apparel~

The lure and apparel collections were on display!


Deps products are developed with the goal of catching big bass and are popular for bringing big bass to bass anglers everywhere.

This year's display had many beautifully designed lures with the deps logo and some were limited edition lures.
The display was stylishly done and it was fun just to look around!

I'll show you some pictures.

If you are looking for deps lures, please contact our staff and we will do our best to find them in the Japanese market and deliver them to you upon request!

🌟Apparel Line

deps has a wide range of apparel lines and many fashionable clothes!

We want to know if there is a demand for our apparel line, not only for debs!
Did you know that many fishing tackle manufacturers are selling fashionable apparel these days?
There are more and more fishing clothes that can be used not only while fishing but also for everyday use!
(By the way, our boss Matt wears the megabass apparel line 365 days a year 😆)

If you are interested, let us know!


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