Catch of the week: Megabass Triza

Product Episode

Megabass has taken these and many other anglers' opinions to heart.

  • I want to access fishing spots while travelling by train.
  • I need a compact, high-performance rod for special occasions.
  • I use johnboats or rental boats and need a short, powerful rod.
  • There's a fishing spot near my business trip destination.
  • I'm embarrassed carrying a rod on the train.
  • I wish there was a bass rod that fits in my sports car.
  • A portable rod with pro-level performance would be a dream.


Rod Performance

The "GREAT HUNTING" designer Yuki Ito and ITO Engineering, winners of the prestigious IF Design Award, have developed the innovative "Triangle" concept. This new idea gives unique functions to each section of a 3-piece shaft, something impossible with one-piece rods.

The concept specializes in each joint connector in one of three T-elements: Tension, Torque (tensile strength), and Torsional Rigidity. By varying the arrangement of these elements and adjusting taper designs for different purposes (fast-moving rods, soft-bait rods, light jig rods), they've enhanced overall rod performance. This approach reduces overlapping layers found in one-piece rods, achieving an incredibly light, balanced feel.


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