Our "SNIPE" Service

What is SNIPE? / Price / How to SNIPE?

What is SNIPE? 

Our SNIPE is a service that we purchase an item instead of you and ship it to you. 

You can use the service if; 
the item is an used item, 
the item is on an auction or
we cannot buy the item from our supplier but other shop has it in stock. 



  • SNIPE Fee: 500JPY for each item
  • FIND Fee: 0JPY
  • ROD HANDLING Fee: Around 1000-4000JPY for each piece
  • *You cannot redeem and earn Heaven's Points on SNIPE services. 

We will ask yo pay for

  • Item price
  • Domestic shipping
  • SNIPE service fee
  • International shipping
  • Other charges for payment and shipping if it is needed


  1. Click Snipe Request in the inquiry chat
    and copy and past the links from any online Japanese shop then send a SNIPE request form.
  2. We confirm the item price and the availability then tell you the total estimated amount with international shipping. 
    *The estimation purpose only. The actual amount will be informed after our purchase.
  3. You confirm, please. You cannot cancel your order from now.  
  4. We place an order to the shop instead of you. 
  5. Once we receive the item, we inspect all items with the way of professional fishing tackle shop. Checking the models, specifics, appearance, and functions. 
  6. We inform you the final price and send a PayPal invoice to you. 
  7. You make a payment, please. 
  8. We ship out your parcel and let you know your tracking information.
  9. You receive and enjoy your new tackle then catch trophy fish.
  10. If you share fishing photos with us, we are all happy!!


Write what you're looking for in Japanese market with your budget in the message box in "SNIPE" Request.
ex) used Megabass Destroyer F2-61XKS-S Kirisame Limited in good condition. 500USD + shipping
We will contact you only if there is an available item on the market. 

We accept combine shipping
Feel free to ask us to combine rods and other small items excluding reels in one shipment.
You can save shipping charge. 

*You don't need to be worried about damages in delivering because...

  • We pack rods in rigid tubes with special care by a professional fishing tackle shop.
  • All parcels are fully insured by Japan Post/FedEx/DHL. 

Cancel Condition for our "SNIPE" service

"SNIPE" is the service that we make orders and payment instead of you.
You can never cancel and return orders once you confirm your order. 

However you can cancel only when;

  1. the item has been sold just before we make an order.
  2. we found some big difference in the item condition in our inspection when we receive.

Feel free to ask us to find the JDM tackle you want and how much does it cost including all charges!!!

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*You can translate easily to use Google
Chrome with Google Translate extension. 

*Our office is closed during weekend and public holiday in Japan. 
Most auctions are ended over weekend. 
Your request must be sent 3 business days before the auction closing date. 
We need a few days to estimate and ask you confirm.