Catch of the week: Lake Kasumigaura

Introduction to Lake Kasumigaura

Located in Ibaraki Prefecture, within the same Kanto region as Tokyo, Japan, Lake Kasumigaura is the second largest lake in Japan and a renowned fishing destination. Its proximity to Tokyo makes it a popular spot for both casual and serious anglers. The fishing season extends over a long period from April to November, providing ample opportunity for fishing enthusiasts to enjoy their sport.


Fish Species and Distribution

Lake Kasumigaura is well-known for its diverse fish population.

  • Approximately 45% of the catch comprises Black Bass, making it a prime destination for bass fishing.
  • Catfish represent about 40%, appealing to those who enjoy the challenge of larger catches.
  • Additionally, carp make up around 5%, and other fish species account for the remaining 10%, offering a variety of angling experiences.


Recommended Fishing Gear

To effectively tackle the varied fish species in Lake Kasumigaura, anglers should consider the following gear:

Reel: Shimano 20 Zodias Spinning 268ML-2

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Feature of Japan: LAKE KASUMIGAURA

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