Catch of the Week: Shimano 24 Poison Adrena New Model Release

The popular bass rod "Poison Adrena" has been fully remodeled for the first time in six years!

The Poison Adrena was released in 2013 as a collaboration between Shimano and Jackal.   The second generation Poison Adrena featured a full carbon monocoque grip, a hollow rear end grip molded with full carbon integration. It was a one-piece model with an Ultimate Blanks design for the best possible tone for each item. 2024 marks the birth of the third generation Poison Adrena.


"Two" new technologies in the 3rd generation Adrena

The main feature of the new Adrena is the "open end" of the grip end. This new technology is a further hole in the end of the "full carbon monocoque grip" that was also used on the previous model.
This opening is not only lighter but also has a hole. In addition to making the rod lighter, these holes allow the resonance from the rod to the hand to be transmitted noiselessly and clearly, making the information transmitted by the rod clearer in the water. 


Another feature in spinning tackle is "distance". The new Adrena spinning model is the first bass rod to adopt the "X guide touch-free design".

In recent years, the standard spinning tackle for bass fishing has been stiffer lines such as fluorocarbon or taut PE line. While this line has many advantages in terms of sensitivity and maneuverability, it also has the disadvantage of making it difficult to gather spiral line when casting. Therefore, with conventional guides, the line ejected from the reel hits the guide frame, resulting in reduced casting distance, damage to the line, and abnormal noise when casting.


The "X Guide Touch Free" standard feature on the Poison Adrena avoids these phenomena. By reviewing the shape of the guide frame from scratch and designing it anew, we have made it possible for the released line to converge smoothly without hitting the guide frame or blanks. Even taut lines converge smoothly, which greatly reduces casting troubles and increases casting distance.

Thus, the major features of the NEW ADRENA, in addition to the aforementioned improved versatility, are its lightness, increased sensitivity, and improved turning distance. 

Learning from true lightweight design, Adrena pursues the ideal lightweight design.


Adopting the concept of "true lightness," 24 Poison Adrena has succeeded in further weight reduction of the blanks by introducing new materials. Furthermore, the original weight of the rod has been significantly reduced by adopting a new reel seat, Perfection Seat VI, and by changing the structure of the rear grip. The new rod is lighter than the previous Adrena and is more comfortable to handle, making it easier to feel the movement of the lure.

 Given the potential to stand up to higher-end models, the 24 Adrena is the latest standard model of Shimano bass rods, with versatility and high functionality in mind.


Lineup Introduction

The new Poison Adrena lineup is designed to "do more". To accommodate a variety of fishing styles regardless of the field, the new lineup includes VERSATILE, BFS, JIG&WORM, RADICAL TAPER, " SWIM&BIGBAIT," "HARD BAIT," and "SOLID TIP" in nine categories: "Power Spin" and "Shaking. Each item is carefully selected and elite, yet features maximum performance for sudden weather changes and bold lure changes. This is a full lineup that allows everyone to experience quality fishing. 


🌟Our recommended lineup🌟

24 Poison Adrena 268UL-2  [Shaking]

Since this rod emphasizes lightweight lure distance, it is suitable for small topwaters represented by insects (Needbug), high-specific gravity no-sinkers up to 3in class (Wham Wham, etc.), straight worm no-sinker wackies and jig head wackies (Flick Shake, Yummy).

24 Poison Adrena 270L+-2  [Versatile]

ADRENA Standard by length and hardness, regardless of the lure.

24 Poison Adrena 266L、266L-2  [Versatile]

If you want a versatile, high-performance rod!
If you are getting a spinning rod or have another specialized rod .



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