Customer-Appreciation Days

Customer-Appreciation Days

Jun 20, 2019Matt T.H.
First of all, thank you for many orders from all over the world.
We all are very grateful for that.

During the coming months, we will upgrade our service to provide an even more exciting shopping experience for all anglers in the world. 

As a sign of appreciation,
We offer a big discount on the shipping charge as follows;

Customer-Appreciation Days: 20-25th June 2019
The total amount in one shipment Discount % from the shipping
10000-19999JPY 10% off
20000-29999JPY 20% off
30000-39999JPY 30% off
40000-49999JPY 40% off
50000JPY or more 50% off

*The total amount is summed up to the total of all orders including Normal Orders, Back-Orders and SNIPEs.
**You can combine all orders if we receive the all payment during the sale period.
***The discounted amount is refunded when we ship the items.

Enjoy looking for your new gears here!

If you have any questions about this, please ask us.

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