Feature of Japan: LAKE KASUMIGAURA

Feature of Japan: LAKE KASUMIGAURA

May 24, 2024Ren Narita


Welcome to Lake Kasumigaura

Located in Ibaraki, close to Tokyo, Lake Kasumigaura is the second largest lake in Japan. This beautiful spot is perfect for anyone interested in fishing, local culture, and outdoor fun.
Here’s what makes Lake Kasumigaura special and why you should visit.


Local Culture and Events

Lake Kasumigaura has a rich history. You can learn all about it at the local museum. The area is also famous for its big events like the Kasumigaura Marathon and a beautiful fireworks show. These events attract many visitors each year.


Try the Local Food

Don’t miss out on trying some local dishes. The area around the lake is known for sweetfish, which is often grilled. Lotus root, grown right here, is used in many traditional dishes and is something unique to try.



Helping the Lake

Lake Kasumigaura is also a place where people work to keep the environment clean and safe.
You can join in on cleanup days or learn more at educational programs. It’s a good chance to help out and learn something new.
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Why Visit

Lake Kasumigaura is more than just a lake. It offers fishing, festivals, tasty food, and lots of outdoor activities.
It’s a place where you can experience the best of Japan’s nature and culture. Come and see what makes Lake Kasumigaura a must-visit destination!


Here are our recommended fishing gear for LAKE KASUMIGAURA!

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Ibaraki Prefecture | 茨城県

Kanto Area

Ibaraki Prefecture is located in the Kanto region of Japan. The prefectural capital is Mito City, which is adjacent to the Tokyo metropolitan area. Ibaraki Prefecture is attractive for its rich nature and historical tourist attractions, for example, Kairakuen Garden in Mito and Hitachi City's Hitachiota City are famous. Agriculture is also thriving, with paddy fields, vegetables, and fruits being produced. Industry is also developing, with many companies located in Hitachi and Tsukuba City. Ibaraki Prefecture is easily accessible from Tokyo and is a popular tourist and business location.

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