Do you know the word "Ikigai"?
It means something that gives meaning and value to people's lives.

There are many people in this world who feel that fishing is their reason for living.
We are here to introduce such people, share our passion for fishing with each other, and help them enjoy fishing more, We hope you will enjoy fishing as much as we do.


IKIGAI FISHING Vol.2 Knuut-san


Name: Knuut

Location: Homelake: Lake of Zürich, other than that all waters which are more or less reachable.

Fishing Experience: 10+ years

Favorite Brand: Stucki Fishing, Alpha Austria,OSP, Nays,.... Whatever does the job

Preferred Style: Spinning

Recent Catch Information

Size: 80+ cm Pike
Weight: +-5Kg

Country (area) where caught : Zürich

Rod: Stucki fishing The Master, 7-28g
Reel: Stucki fishing, Dynamite, 2000
Line: Momoi
Lure: Nays VNM, C-12

Q: How did you start fishing?

A: To be hones, we were a bit bored when we were kids, therefore we tried fishing and we kept go since then. 


Q: Please tell us how you learned about Japanese fishing tackle and why you decided to try it. 

A: I needed a travel rod since I wanted to use my motorbike to drive to certain spots and do fishing trips. There really was nothing worth it on the European market. Through google search I found out that Shimano sells other travel rods on the asian market, that is how I found you. A little bit of research later I thought lets give it a try. The rods were packaged very well and shipped quite fast.


Q: If you could go fishing in Japan, where would you like to go?

A: Probably to the sea. I did not have the chance to fish in salt water a lot, I think that would be fun. Or maybe up the mountains. Whatever the locals recommend.


Q: Do you have any advice for people who are thinking of acquiring Japanese fishing tackle?

A: As usual, do your research and don’t overthink it. You will never be sure til you have the rod in hand. Use the chat function as the sales team will surely help you with best effort to find a rod that fulfills your requirement. Other then that, keep in mind that you have to pay taxes^^ 


Q: What significance does "fishing" hold for you??

A: Quite a lot, It gives me always the chance to have an excuse to go outside. Even with bad weather and cold temperature you may catch something. and if not with is mostly the case in Switzerland during winter at least you have done something for you. Fishing gives you the chance to enjoy nature and you will probably see more sunrise/sunsets then a lot of other people.

AiriFishing Life Advisor | JDM Tackle Heaven

In this interview, we spoke with Knuut, a native trout lover.

Fishing is not only about catching fish, but also about enjoying different scenery and the beauty of nature depending on the season and time of day. Spending a quiet time watching the sunrise or sunset can release the stresses of daily life and refresh your mind and body.

Fishing provides a precious experience of being in harmony with nature.

Knuut, thank you very much for sharing your experience with us!

I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

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