Cancellation and Refund

Our payment process
1. You place an order and make a payment.
2. The amount of order is authorized by payment service provider.
 *It's just authorized.  We don't receive the fund at this moment. 
3. We secure the items you have ordered.
4. We capture the payment and receive the amount.

The reason why we don't receive the amount when you make orders
Payment service providers used to return their service fee when the order was cancelled; however, they no longer do so.
Therefore we have no choice but to refund the amount after deducting the payment service provider's service fee as our Refund Fee when you cancel your order.
*Of course, we don't ask the Refund Fee when we cancel the order because of us, like "out of stock".
Learn more about => Refund, Cancel and Return
As a solution, we changed when to receive the fund. 

When you get the refund from us
1.Cancel before we capture the payment
If we cancel your order before we capture the payment, we don't refund because we have not received any fund. 
So you won't find the refund on your side but you also won't see the payment in your credit card record. 

2.Cancel after we capture the payment
You can find the refund on your side but it varies when it appears.

Please contact the payment service provider or the credit card customer support if you need further information.

We much appreciate your understanding.