Shipping Rods

For Safe Delivery
We ship rods by rigid tubes with special care of packing.
We can ship all reels and other items together but CAN NOT ship rods with other items. It's due to deliver rods in safe.
If you purchase rods and other items at the same time, pay separately, please.
In the case that you buy rods and other items in single order, we send another invoice for the parcel for other items.

Shipping Services
We ship the rods can be folded shorter than 150cm by EMS.
Rods need to be packed with tubes longer than 150cm are shipped by FedEx.

To Choose Appropriate Option
Even if you can see Airmail and ePacket in shipping options when you put rod(s) in the shopping cart, please DO NOT choose Airmail and ePacket, CHOOSE EMS.

*Some Rods folded short and sold at low priced can be shipped by ePacket.
We can ship by ePacket ONLY for the rods written Shipping:ePacket in the item description.

The Number of Rods Combined Shipping
You can see how many rods we can put in a tube here.
FedEx for Longer than 150cm Rod Tubes
Shipping Charge and Duration Table(FedEx)
*it depends which rods you take.
Ask us quote

Our Changing Shipping Method
We may change the shipping methods when you choose wrong options or we can not ship by the methods because it is out of service to your address. 

In case of shipping outside of USA, there is some possibility that we CAN NOT ship and cancel your order because shipping address is out of service area.
Or you need to pay ADDITIONAL SHIPPING COST because your address is out of FedEx direct delivery area or any other reasons. 

***You can contact us to confirm if we can ship to your shipping address or not here.