Our payment and refund

When you shop, we go through a two-step payment process to receive your money, authorization and capture.

Authorization refers to the process by which we confirms that you actually has funds available on their card/account to complete the transaction. This is what’s happening in the seconds or minutes after you place an order. When you successfully complete your purchase, the funds are earmarked for that our business and transaction – you can’t spend those dollars anywhere else. You’ll see their credit limit decreased by the amount of the transaction and be able to view the charge in its pending state in your online account. 

Capture, on the other hand, refers to the process by which a transaction moves out of the pending state and we get our money. Please note that if you change an item or cancel an order after capturing it, you will be charged fees.

What happens if you cancel your order before we capture? 
The charges will simply “fall off” your card/account, and they won’t be charged. You’ll see their credit limit increase again and the charge will no longer be visible in pending status.