Our communication method

We apologize that we took a long time to respond you because we needed time to identify who were talking and which order it was. 
We have our shop email, web form, Messenger, Instagram and Twitter so you could contact us via any channels before. 
It might be convenient for you, however, it also caused that we missed your important inquiries. Especially, if you contacted us with other name than registered name in shop account. 

To make the process simple and communicate with you without a delay, we would like to covert a communication channels into web chat only. 
If you contact us via other methods, we may miss your message. 
Please contact us by webchat from the popup below. 

If you click/tap the icon, the popup opens and start a new chat. 

If you would like to change setting, please click/tap the gear mark on the upper right. 
You can receive an text/email notification when you are not online, if those "disable" buttons are OFF.