[Shopping Tips! ] Shipping Cost Secrets

Nov 17, 2023KajiiAiri


I'm AIRI, JDM Tackle Heaven's Life Fishing Advisor.

Have you been fishing lately?

Since we set up a gallery section on our website, more and more people are sending us pictures of the fish they have caught.
It makes us happy to see our customers smiling and enjoying fishing.

In addition to our regular customers who have bought from us many times, we also have many new customers who found out about our store through their friends. Thank you very much!

However, we are also receiving an increasing number of inquiries.

The most common is about the shipping cost.
We have a lot of questions like,
"I want to add more lures and threads to my order, will the shipping cost go up?"
"I wonder if the shipping cost will be too high if I buy so many items..."

Certainly, the size of the package will depend on the size and weight of the items, and shipping costs may be higher.

Actually, It is not always the case!

If you know how to shop wisely and ingeniously, you will soon become a JDM Tackle Heaven shopping master!
So, what is a "smart and economical way to shop"?


Let me give you an example:

When shipping the recently popular Daiwa 21 Luvias Airity FC LT2500S-XH reels,
We ship it in a 2kg box, which is the smallest packing material we have in our store.

If you look closely, you can see a gap in the box.

The shipping cost for this reel was 4,600 yen.
We received the shipping cost for a 2kg box, but it's not worth it if there are extra contents.


here is an example of a shopping master purchase:

Fishing is not just about reels and rods.
Let's include the lures and lines that you will surely need this time together.

The small items are now completely placed in the space that was left over earlier.

If you purchase a Daiwa 21 Luvias Airity FC LT2500S-XH reel by itself, the shipping cost is 4,600yen.

However, by purchasing the reel and accessories together, I was able to get them for the same shipping cost.
Now, you already know which is the "smarter and more economical way to buy," don't you?

The key to shopping wisely is to combine products and make effective use of the space between them.

"I want to add more items, but will the shipping cost go up?"
"I wonder if the shipping cost will be too high if I buy so many items..."
If you are worried about this, please try this method.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to add items to your order even after you have placed your order:)
We will confirm the shipping cost.

We also accept other order requests and questions about the store.
Please feel free to ask us any questions through the chat tool in the lower right corner of the site!

We will see you soon!
This was Airi.