Do you take good care of your fishing tackle?🎣

Apr 26, 2023梶井愛莉

Hello. How are you all doing?

My name is Airi from JDM Tackle Heaven.
In Japan, there have been many rainy and gloomy days recently.

All the beautiful cherry blossoms that were blooming have fallen, and it is now the season for wisteria flowers.

Some of you may know wisteria as it appears in the popular Japanese anime, "Demon Slayer"( Kimetsu no Yaiba).

Spring in Japan is a season of comfortable temperatures and many beautiful flowers in bloom.

Please come visit Japan!


Well, this week we are going to tell you how to make your valuable fishing gear last longer.

Surprisingly, there are many people who do not take good care of their fishing gear.

Neglecting care can lead to deterioration and breakdowns, and you may end up replacing your gear sooner than you would have liked.

We hope that you will find our practical advice on how to care for and store your fishing gear to make your fishing life more comfortable and enjoyable for a long time!

The biggest enemy is salt

As you probably know, the biggest enemy of fishing tackle is salt.

It greatly accelerates the progression of rust and makes it difficult to move the moving parts of the reel.

So it is important to always rinse off dirt and salt with water on the day you fish.

Rather than processing your catch or bragging to your family about your catch, wash your gear first!

Rods should be disassembled and washed one section at a time under running water.
Wash carefully, especially around the guides and reel seats where salt tends to accumulate.
A soft sponge is recommended, as brushing with a toothbrush may scratch them.

Reels are precision instruments and should be washed carefully.

When washing, always wash the reel with the drag side up.

If the reel is immersed in water, problems may occur. Also, although it is easy to forget, reels should be washed with the drag tightened to the maximum.

drying in the shade

After washing, wipe off the water with a dry cloth and dry the rod in the shade.
At this time, in the case of rods, dry them standing up.
However, if you stand it against a wall, the end of the rod will break or bend, so please use a rod stand or, if not available, an umbrella stand.

It is important to shake the reels thoroughly to dry them out.

Once thoroughly dried, it is also important to take care of them with water repellent sprays or special oils and greases.

How was it? This was a review of maintenance procedures.
This is a simplified version. For more information, please check the official methods of the manufacturer. Of course, our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Fishing tackle is delicate and has many small parts, so it is easy to put off maintenance, but it can be used for a long time if it is carefully cared for without neglect.
A real angler is one who is attached to his or her fishing equipment and takes good care of it.

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