What're Heaven's Points??

We launched our Loyalty Program on JDM Tackle Heaven!

You can earn 2 Heaven's Points for each 1JPY. 

For example, 
You ordered;
Rod: 20,000JPY
Reel: 20,000JPY
Subtotal: 40,000JPY
Shipping: 3,000JPY
Total amount: 43,000JPY

Subtotal: 40,000JPY x 2 
You earn 80,000 Heaven's Points

You can redeem 100 Heaven's Points for 1JPY. 

80,000 Heaven's Points = 800JPY
You can get an 800JPY discount in the next order. 
Of course, you can keep points and redeem later. 

Other ways to earn Heaven's Points  

Enjoy shopping on JDM Tackle Heaven!

Important Note: 
Discount code can only be used by the member redeem points. 
If you use the discount code redeemed by other member, we cancel the order and the discount code become invalid(We don't return redeemed points).