Our store has been renewed!

Our store has been renewed!

Dec 04, 2023KomurasakiHiroko

We launched our store in January 2016 to bring better shopping experiences to the world with the desire to " Connect with people all over the world through fishing".

We have received a lot of feedback from our customers and have evolved our store to make it a store that satisfies more people. We now offer a wide range of products from used rods to new rods and reels, and with this renewal opening, we will have a large selection of supplies for your total fishing experience.

We hope you will learn about the world-class Japanese fishing tackle and that your fishing experience will be more enjoyable and exciting.

It would be a wonderful thing if we could connect people around the world who love fishing through our store. We are also interested in seeing what kind of fish swim around the world. Please share your catch with us in our gallery. 
JDM TH's Gallery

As we enjoy fishing in the great outdoors, we also believe it is important to protect our earth rich in nature. We would like to actively tackle environmental issues in order to pass the abundance of nature onto the next generation.
To begin with, we will participate in DHL's go green initiative. 

Thank you for reading through.
We will continue to work on making our store more customer-friendly.
Now, what kind of fishing tackle are you looking for?

We hope you enjoy shopping at JDM Tackle Haven.


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