March. Bass fishing season is off to a great start!

March. Bass fishing season is off to a great start!

Mar 07, 2023梶井愛莉


Hello, this is JDM Tackle Heaven.
We hope you are all enjoying your fishing life.

It's March, and the temperature is gradually becoming more comfortable.
Speaking of spring, bass fishing is in full swing!
This week, we would like to introduce our recommended bass rods.
Please get a new rod and have an enjoyable fishing life✨

Many of you are familiar with SHIMANO's popular ZODIAS series.
It was developed after repeated testing in the United States and Japan, the home of bass fishing. It is characterized by being light and easy to handle, with a smooth series of actions such as casting, action, and hooking.

It has a good reputation among Japanese anglers and is recommended for those who want to choose a rod without failures.
It is also suitable for beginners.

The design is stylish and not too flashy, with a black base and red coloring.

The carbon monocoque structure, previously available only on higher-end models, is used.
This grip increases sensitivity, allowing the angler to quickly detect changes in terrain and vibrations transmitted from fish.


There are many types of such Zodias.
Glass series, solid tip series, etc.
The lineup is abundant so that it can be used for all types of fishing throughout the season.


Among the series, we recommend the 1610M-2
After all, an easy-to-carry 2-piece is convenient.
With a slightly longer length of 6.10 feet, it has excellent long casting performance.
If you plan to fish mainly for long casts, such as on big lakes, this is the one we recommend!


For those who want to fish anytime, anywhere.
We recommend our pack rods.


 have a reel like this, what does it fit?'

'I'm a beginner, so please tell me what kind of fishing equipment is best for me.'

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.😀

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