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Save5% Huge Custom Spinning Model

Huge Custom Spinning Model

Condition:Brand New HS1N-66R :Rod Length: 6'6"Number of Pieces: 3Folded Length: 70cmRod Weight: 129gRod Power: X-HeavyAction/Taper: Regular

¥57,950 ¥61,000
Save5% Huge Custom Casting Model

Huge Custom Casting Model

Condition:Brand New H3S-81RF :Rod Length: 8'1"Number of Pieces: 1 and gripRod Weight: 267gRod Power: XXX-HeavyAction/Taper: Regular Fast H3S-76RF :Rod Length: 7'6"Number of Pieces: 1 and gripRod Weight: 237gRod Power: XXX-HeavyAction/Taper:...

From ¥55,404 - ¥62,586

Sidewinder GP Great Performer

Condition:Brand New HGC-962HR/GP Gungnir :Rod Length: 9'6"Number of Pieces: 2Folded Length: 149cmRod Weight: 235gRod Power: HeavyAction/Taper: RegularLure Weight: 3/8-5ozLine Weight: 14-25lb HGC-77XS/GP Boa Constrictor :Rod Length: 7'7"Number of Pieces: 1...

From ¥51,840 - ¥61,560